Mar 4, 2015
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Possible Changing of Licensing and Continuing Education

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Recently there has been discussion between CTAO and the State Medical Board of Ohio. There is a possibility of change in our licensing and continuing education, from the State Medical Board to the Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR). Nothing has been finalized or decided yet, but this could mean more hours of continuing education, an additional exam with fees, paying more for continuing education and more.

We as Cosmetic Therapists are concerned about what will be happening with this change.

If you have questions of uncertainty like we do, give the State Medical Board a call.  (614) 466-3934

Physician Only Delegation

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We have ran into a controversial issue regarding who can over see CT’s for Laser Hair Removal. As CT’s, we know that a physician must delegate to us. Some are saying a Nurse Practitioner has the right to over see us.

According to Rule 4731-18-03, Ohio Administrative Code, in order for a CT to perform Laser Hair Removal:

1. The physician must see and personally evaluate the patient to determine whether the proposed laser removal is appropriate.
2. The physician must see and personally evaluate the patient following the initial application of laser hair removal, service, but prior to any continuation of treatment in order to determine that the patient responded well to that initial application
3. The rule provides no role for a nurse practitioner between the physician and the CT.

If you are unsure about issues regarding your license, contact the State Medical Board of Ohio for further information.

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New Career Options in Cosmetic Therapy

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The landscape of cosmetic therapy and laser hair removal has dramatically expanded in recent years, allowing a whole new generation of aestheticians and practicing cosmetic professionals to take center stage.  Thousands of nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals are discovering entire new streams of income and areas of practice by taking steps to get certified in laser hair removal and cosmetic therapy training.

If you’re looking for a new career opportunity, there is no one better to teach you about the exciting field of cosmetic therapy training than world renowned aesthetician Vickie Mickie, chief instructor at the About Face Cosmetic Therapy Training Center.

Join Vickie and her legions of successful alumni in a blossoming new field of cosmetic practice.  The rewards are plentiful from helping people feel better about themselves to discovering new skills and talents you never knew you had.  Contact our staff or fill out the enrollment form to get started.

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Welcome to the New Website



About Face is proud to present our brand new website for the Columbus cosmetic therapy training center!  If you’re new to our services, check out some of the information we’ve listed here.  Contact us for any questions and be sure to take a look at the enrollment page if you’re interested in our courses.

The Cosmetic Therapy Training Center from About Face Cosmetic Therapy Clinic offers the most thorough, hands-on training you’ll find in the field of laser hair removal and aesthetic cosmetology.  Our programs are designed for the established medical professional as well as newcomers to the field.

The field of cosmetic therapy and laser hair removal is exploding all over the country and every city and state is in need of certified cosmetic aestheticians and laser hair removal specialists.  Check us out and call our office to set up a consultation call with our teaching staff.